• GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
  • GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch
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GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch

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GARMIN fenix 6 Pro Unisex Smartwatch

A modern smartwatch from GARMIN with many applications and smart functions, has come to become an integral part of your everyday life. It has a clear AMOLED display and multiple smart functions with battery life. You can check your health status by monitoring pulse rate, blood oxygen, sleep quality, hydration and breathing rate. It also facilitates your training by covering various sports activities such as running, cycling, swimming and others. It includes useful indicators for your performance such as the level of energy in the body, your physical condition and what age it corresponds to. It is compatible with Android and Apple iOS, while it has notifications, with automatic responses and contactless payments are some of the conveniences it offers you.

Quality Design

Its durable yet sophisticated design includes a large 1.3-inch screen. It is built to US military standards for heat, vibration and water resistance

Top Materials

Match the look to your lifestyle with bezel options between titanium, stainless steel or DLC coating

Sports Apps

Use pre-installed profiles for mountain running, swimming, running, cycling, hiking, rowing, skiing, golf, surfing, indoor climbing and more

Alpine Skiing

Stay informed while you're in the snow. This preset profile can tell when you're skiing and when you're climbing. It automatically shows you special up or down measurements

Dynamics of Mountain Biking

Record the details of every descent with mountain bike metrics and additional specialized grit & flow metrics that calibrate the difficulty of each trail and how smoothly you descend, giving you a score to beat next time

Surf Features

Get ready to catch the waves. fēnix 6 Pro Solar is compatible with the Surfline Sessions™ app, which creates a video of every wave you catch in front of the Surfline camera, so you can view them later and check your performance

Exercises with animated graphics

real-time information about your current and upcoming climb. You see information about the rate of ascent, distance and altitude change

MULTI-GNSS support

Get access to multiple satellite navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) to get better recording in more demanding environments than with GPS alone

ABC Sensors

Navigate your next route with ABC sensors, including an altimeter for elevation data, a barometer for weather monitoring, and a three-axis electronic compass

Pulse Oximeter

For altitude acclimatization or sleep monitoring, the pulse oximeter uses a beam of light on your wrist to record how well your body is absorbing oxygen


This widget shows your current altitude, acclimatization altitude and associated pulse oximeter, heart rate and breathing rate so you can see how it compares to your current altitude

Respiration Recording

See how you breathe during the day, in your sleep, in breathing exercises and in yoga

Escape Mode

Travel far between charges. Rush mode, a low-power mode with GPS, lasts for weeks

Topographic and Ski Maps

Use the topographical maps to navigate your adventures. See piste designations and their degree of difficulty for 2,000 ski resorts worldwide

Rout After Return

Enter the distance you want to travel and see suggested routes that will bring you back to your starting point. The Trendline™ popular trails feature helps you find the best trails in the area

Turn By Turn Navigation

Follow a course or route with the help of turn-by-turn directions, which warn you in time of upcoming turns

Smart Notifications

You can receive mail, text messages and notifications on your watch when you have connected it to a compatible smartphone

Music Apps

Store up to 2000 songs, or access streaming applications from compatible services such as Spotify®, Deezer and Amazon Music and listen to them on your headphones with BLUETOOTH® technology

GARMIN PAY Contactless Payments

Skip checkout lines and opt for fast payments with Garmin Pay™ contactless payment solution

Security and Tracking Features

If you feel in danger or if your watch detects that an event has occurred, the safety and location functions send your location to your emergency contacts

Extra Features & Details


• Download personalized clock faces, add data, apps and widgets from the Connect IQ Store

• Lens Material: Power Glass™

• Bezel material: Stainless steel or titanium with DLC coating

• Frame material: Polymer with fiber metal back cover

• Compatible with Quickfit™ straps

• 22 mm included

• Strap material: Silicone or titanium

• Physical size: 47 X 47 X 15.1 mm

Fits wrists with circumference:

• Silicone strap: 125-208 mm

• Leather strap: 132-210 mm

• Fabric Strap: 132-210 mm

• Metal Strap: 132-215 mm

• Color screen

• Screen size: 1.3” (33.02 mm) diameter

• Screen resolution: 260 X 260 Pixels

• Display Type: Sunlight Readable, Mip

• Weight: 85 g

• Battery life: Smartwatch battery life up to 14 days / 16 days with solar charging

• Battery saver clock function: up to 48 days / 80 days with solar charging

• GPS function: Up to 36 hours / 40 hours with solar charging

• GPS+ Music function: Up to 10 hours

• Max Battery function with GPS: Up to 72 hours / 93 hours with age charging

• GPS Trekking Activity: Up to 28 days / 36 days on solar charge

• Solar charging assumes full-day use with 3 hours per day outdoors in 50,000 LUX lighting conditions

• Waterproofing: 10 atm

• Memory / History: 32 GB

Technical Features

• Time functions: Clock, time, date, time synchronization with gps, automatic summer time change

• Alarm clock, timer, countdown, sunrise / sunset times

• Health monitoring: Heart rate from wrist (continuous every second, daily heart rate from wrist, daily resting heart rate, notifyof irregular heartbeats, 24X7 breathing rate, Pulse oximeter - oxygen saturation check, fitness age

• Body Battery™: Energy monitoring

• Recording of all-day stress level

• Relaxation reminders

• Breathing and relaxation exercise timer

• Function that shows sleep quality

• Hydration: on Garmin Connect™ and Widget Connect IQ™

• Menstrual cycle

• GPS, GLONASS, GAILEO, GARMIN ELEVATE™ wrist heart rate sensors

• Barometric altimeter

• Compass

• Gyroscope

• Accelerometer

• Thermometer

• Pulse oximeter OX with acclimatization

• Everyday smart features / Connectivity: BLUETOOTH®, ANT+®, WI-FI®, CONNECT IQ™, (Download clock themes, data fields, widgets and apps)

• Smart notifications: reply to text message/reject call with text message (Android™ only)

• Calendar, weather, battery saver - low power clock personalization

• Smartphone music handling

• Control and play clock music

• Store music

• Up to 2000 songs

• Find Phone

• Find watch

• Virb remote

• Smartphone compatibility: IPHONE®, ANDROID™

• Pairing with Garmin connect™ mobile

• Garmin Pay™

• Security and tracking features

• Livetrack

• Group livetrack

• Live event broadcast

• Event detection on selected activities

• Tactical Functions

• Double point coordinates

• Logging of activities

• Step counter

• Motion bar (appears after a period of inactivity walk for a few minutes to reset it)

• Automatic goal (learns your fitness and sets a daily step goal)

• Calorimeter

• Features floors climbed, distance traveled, Trueup™, Move IQ™

• Sports applications to record exercises and fitness

• Recovery log

• Pulse recording

• Recovery time

• Automatic detection of maximum heart rates

• HRV Stress Test (measures your heart rate while standing still for 3 minutes, giving you an estimate of your stress levels)

• Sound notifications

• Personalized notifications

• Termination time

• Virtual Partner

• Race in activity

• Automatic Multisport activities

• Manual Multisport activities

• GPS Directions


• Key lock / touch screen

• Shortcuts

• Auto scroll

• Activity history on watch

• Physio trueup

• Speed ​​and rate sensor (with sensor)

• Activity tracking for kids

• TOE-TO-TOE™ Step Showdowns

In the Box

→ Charging / data transfer cable

→ Manual with Instructions for Use

→ Returns are only accepted if the package has not been opened.



Garmin was founded in 1989 and is committed to designing products that help people do what they love most. Built for life outside, Garmin products have revolutionized the field of sports and wellness. Committed to developing products and health measurement tools that will help people of all fitness levels make healthier lifestyle choices, Garmin believes that every day is an opportunity to innovate and beat yesterday.

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