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Welcome to the #1 Destination for Runners, exclusively running Rundome store! In the center of Athens the heart beats runners everywhere looking for shoes, clothing and accessories that will take off their running experience. For athletes starting out now their exciting journey into the world of running but also for those who know its challenges and want to equip themselves suitable for every route they will find what they are looking for in No1 destination for runners.

Find top running collections in shoes to cover them requirements of each route whether it concerns running in the city, in the mountains or the athletic field. Still shoes for multi race distances star in the collection of the Rundome store for you who are chasing the highest possible performance on his day match. Clothes and accessories that complement your street style supporting your body and improving sensation as you run they are waiting for you to discover them on the store shelves Rundome.

Here you meet all the top brands such as ASICS, HOKA, Salomon, Brooks, Nike, adidas etc. that adapt their technologies to road needs of their audience to provide top support, dynamic press and relaxed transitions in each kilometer.

At the Rundome runner's shop-station you can enjoy besides variety of products, collections and brands unique services designed to make your shopping experience unbeatable like Click n Collect of your favorite e-shop items, the only one loyalty program GO-X, gift cards for loved ones and of course the smile of the Rundome Experts waiting to answer to your every question!

At Rundome we make the extra mile possible! Our team Rundome Runners by adidas is waiting for you to join the her weekly training sessions, with special tips and marathon preparation because it is in our philosophy to offer you inspiration & innovation to start or improve your performance through personalized guidance and authentic running services. Join us!

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